Loc & More provides high-quality transcription services of audio and video files. We cover a wide variety of document types: the source material can range from a recording of a telephone call or a meeting video to recordings of legal proceedings..

Cultural Adaption

We provide cultural expertise in international markets. This is not only at the linguistic level, but also focuses on doing one-on-one business with your foreign counterpart. People from other cultures see things in a different light, conduct business differently, and place emphasis on different interpersonal aspects.

Certain phrases or expressions can be accepted and/or understood in one culture, but completely rejected and/or non-sensical in another. They can even go as far as offending certain groups even though the source language version of the phrase is completely innocent. This is where our expertise comes in.

We assign personnel to your project who understand your culture in order to unlock your market potential in their own home countries.

Dubbing & Voice Over Services

     Dubbing is the act of replacing dialogue, sound, or a language to fit the needs of a movie. In simple terms, it means re-recording over the original sound and replacing original voices or sounds with recordings in the language our client has requested.

The dubbing service nowadays is becoming more and more popular as large companies choose to advertise themselves in the language of their target market in order to reach a wider audience and to enable themselves to deliver their message more effectively. If you require the translation and recording of a material then our team will take care of the whole dubbing process.

The script can either be translated by us or a ready script can be provided by the client. It, of course, depends on the client’s preferences.

We hand-select qualified voice actors, who are natives in the target country of the client, and oversee the entire dubbing process to make sure that the lines are delivered not just accurately, but convincingly as well.

In the end, we do all it takes to make sure you receive high quality dubbed material, ready for your target market!


Not only do we help you translate your content and tailor it to foreign markets, but we also help you create your content in such a way that it does your product or service the justice it deserves. Let us help you improve the phrasing of your ad, e-mail or general communication to your clients.

Years of experience, attention to detail and professional consultants and resources make sure that the copywriting we conduct for our clients is of the highest quality.

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